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The Fact is……

Several people are into the mini importation business in Nigeria today, but not all would be as successful. Many people are even dumping the business and embracing other means of livelihood, they are beginning to see the business as being too difficult and making real money is only reserved for the big importers.

Well, I will like to correct some Notions about the mini importation business which are the reasons why some people are not successful in this business because of what they learnt from our self-styled Importation Gurus

Myth #1:

They told you, goods are very cheap on Aliexpress

The Truth: While there are actually cheap goods on Aliexpress, prices on the site are still on the high side. Have you ever seen the price of an item on Aliexpress and you feel the price is almost the same as local market’s or even higher. The truth is Aliexpress is a platform for Chinese middlemen and retailers. These are the people that buy from the local manufacturers at rock bottom price and sell online at far higher prices.

Myth #2: 

They told you; you can only buy cheaply from manufacturers if you are making a very big order

The Truth: You can buy any quantity you want from a manufacturer. There are thousands of manufacturers in China, these people are interested in selling their products fast and due to the high level of competition they won’t say No to any order they gets. (I will show you where and how to buy cheaply at any quantity you want, You will be able to compete with wholesalers here in Nigeria)


Myth #3: 

You can make N1,000,000 Monthly and above importing goods from China

The Truth: This is acyually true, but how can they expect you to make as high as this amount when they didn’t teach you the real marketing strategy and also show you the best medium to dispose your products fast for maximum profit. Well, how do they expect you to sell when you are not the only person selling wrist watches or shoes in the country? The secret of running a successful importation business is knowing how to sell your goods and SELL FAST (Don’t worry! I will give you the complete information on how to sell successfully….. You will make millions in a short period of time)


My name is Efunkoya, I am the C.E.O Of NairaOnGold International. When it comes to importation business in Nigeria, I have over 4 years experience.

I rememberd back at 2014, we were able to IMPORT iphone 5s at as low as N18,000 when the selling price was around N60,000 - N80,000 (with over N40,000 PROFIT margin back in 2104)

We got some wristwatches, tabs, clothes, shoes, BB Charges and so many other thingys back then and made soemthing from it.

Little did I know that I was wasting my capital back then. (LOL!)

I didn't know I could import a product as low as $0.89 (less than N370) from china and sell it as high as N10,000 here in Nigeria....


Fast forward to 2017/18, We UPGRADED how we run our MINI IMPORTATION Business and switched it to eCommerce business. We now own of one of the fastest growing eCommerce Website in Nigeria with 2 different offices in Nigeria and over 10 staffs






At A particular year, we did a total of over 46Million Naira In Sales from eCommerce business with over 30% PROFITs after all expenses. In fact I did close to a million on one of my very good days.





Are You For Real ?

Yes of Course!


You might probably think this is just some crazy claims from an unknown guy

But its not...

Because if you have bought anything online this year; either from facebook or an online shopping site,

There is a great chance you have bought something from me.

Like I said earlier, I am the C.E.O of NairaOnGold International


Maybe you have come across my store or bought something from us, and then you know it’s not some empty claims.

But if you have not, here is another proof of how much business I do through my ecommerce store from facebook where you can see proofs of views and comments on my videos on our fanpage for products I have been selling.


See Video Proof of How I Made Over N1.2Million in 5days. Click PLAY to watch the video below.


How Did I Aceheive Such A Great Success?


I was able to acheive the above success by discovering JUST 3 secrets

  • Getting to know to HOT's Selling Products: I was able to use a method to always get the hot selling products. I mean the products that people will queue to buy from you.
  • Advertising to the right people: I used my secret method to advertise to the right people that need the products and are financially capable to buy them.

    Without getting to know them or get to their destination
  • Getting the right courier company: I call these people eCommerce business destroyer. I was able to filter the good and the bad ones and the good ones. If you fail at this point, you can go back to your villiage (LOL!)

    The help to deliver my orders for me and get money on my behalf (when needed)




After Creating This Much Success, I knew I Will Be Doing My Creator A Huge Disservice If I kept It To Myself Alone.


I Decided To Share My Blueprint With Anyone Who Was Tired Of The Effect Of The Bad Economy On His/Her Pocket

I want to do more by sharing my secret with interested Nigerians

I wanted to contribute my own quota to helping Nigerian escape the harshness and bitterness of the economy we live in now.

While the economy is going from bad to worse and nobody seems to care.

I made up my mind to help regular Nigerians who are willing to break free from the bitterness and hardship the recession has brought upon most Nigerians who don’t have a way out.

Because I believe the measure you give to people shall be given back to you.


Then A Perfect Idea On How I Can Help Regular Nigerian
Came To My Mind...

I came up with an Idea; A test group to create millionaire like me before my next birthday by showing exactly what I do to generate millions without the need of huge capital.

I wanted to be sure if my eCommerce blueprint could be used by a regular person who doesn’t have an prior idea about what importation business or ecommerce is.

So I made a post on my facebook profile about this.

The response was more than overwhelming.

This felt like a big challenge but I wasn’t going to back down!


Why Did I See It As A Challenge?

The number of response I got from that single post made me know that a lot of people are willing to be a part of it.

Maybe I should say I didn’t expect so much replies and ofcourse I didn’t even think they will take me that serious.

After all most Nigerians are doubters and usually have a bias towards such instead of seeing that some people actually care to share and invest in people's lives.

They will rather think; Here they go again, we have seen them before..uurgh!

Another challenge that came to mind was how will I guarantee everyone become a millionaire?

I felt it was easy for me to do it for myself even in sleep because my success depended on me.

But how do I guarantee that anyone I show will be able to get the kind of results I am getting using the blueprint,

How Do I guarantee that anyone that I share my business secret with will make millions from it just like I do even if they have never done anything online before beyond facebooking, Ig, snapchat and send emails?

So I decided to start with 3 people to see how well this idea will work.


The Birth of My Challenge To Raise 3 Millionaires Before My Birthday!

Few Months ago, I created a test group of 3 people to proof to myself how easy anyone can simply make millions using my ecommerce secret

And I didn’t want to give myself any edge so I only considered people who did not have any background with ecommerce.

After a few days, I was able to choose the people I was going to share my bussiness success secret from importation with!

In fact one of them didn’t even know what was called Konga, Jumia talkless of knowing little startup shopping site called


Meet The 3 Regular Nigerians That My Import secret Transformed From Zero Naira In Bank Account To Making Millions every Month.





First Birthday Millionaire name is Lekan. Who knows nothing about importation business 
(in fact internet business)

During my testing period, I gave him some HOT DEMANDING PRODUCT so that he could start immediately and he was able to sell them off within 2weeks.

I gave him 50pcs of a particular product

With less than N500 advert he will get an order and on and on like that and he was able to sell all the 50pcs in less than 2weeks

That's a whopping of 500,000 in 2weeks!

He started importing himself afterwards using the method I showed him in the video.

After 2months, Mr Lekan got a car.

End Of Discussion!

And he's being respected by his bank account officer

He enjoys life like no man's business

He now leaves in an apartment that looks like an hotel






The Second Birthday Millionaires is Chuks Ronald.

He used to be a generator repairer

But now a millionaire!

He used to tell me how he do work so hard in repairing generator and people won't appreciate his efforts.

Some won't even give him money.

After I trained him,

Ronald forgot how to repair generator to the extent that he do call his former friends to come and repair his own generator for him (LOL)

That's the change we are talking about  

Just like the same tricks I showed lekan, he used it too and

1. Got a piece of land

2. Acquired a standard apartment

3. Has his own standard office!



His name is Bello Abdulhaleem. He has being tapping from me since the days of fiverr that was when he was still at university. He needed to Raise money for his Masters. He ran to me and he tapped into my eCommerce skills using MY NEW DEVELOPED METHOD…

Within few months, he got so much money that he travelled ABROAD to study is masters.



4 Major Challenges Of E-commerce Business.

In my latest research, I noticed there are there are 4 Major challenges of eCommerce biz.

=> How To Get Hot's Demand Products

=> Source Of Traffic

=> How to identify serious customers

=> Best Courier Service to use



If you had started an eCommerce biz, you would agree with me that the challenges listed above are the 4 Major challenges with this business.

I was able to solve all the problems listed above and that In Jan , while others were complaining, we used the SAME METHID to pull out over 4Million Naira In Sales

Same METHOD pulled out N1.8M In Sales with 14days in the Month of Feb 2018.

I Do Get Almost 95% Delivery Rate

I Tested My New Method With A Student Of Mine






Why You Need To Do This Biz

You need to start eCommerce biz today because it's the fastest growing online business

When I started importation business (eCommerce business) some years ago,

I thought I was going to do this for just 6months or maximum a year and leave the biz because I thought it wasn't a biz I could ever depend on

but guess what

...I was wrong!

After going deeper and deeper into this biz (and updating myself always), I realized it's an evergreen business and also the easiest biz you can do online I'm at 2019 still doing the same business.


After achieving this great feat of turning regular guys into millionaire within few months,

I became so confident that I can literally pick anyone from the street, show them what to do and they will make millions using my Blueprint.

The test group helped me perfect my blueprint and remove every loopholes, Every lapses.

And more importantly making sure it was so easy even a secondary school student can make millions using it.

After perfecting my blueprint, I decided its time to do more by sharing the perfected blueprint with more anyone willing to become millionaires like my protégées,

I concluded it was time to share my eCommerce Blueprint with 10 People that will be very fast to pick it up


My guess is you are raring to go...

Who wouldn’t be anyways?

Except you are one of the secret children of Aliko Dangote.

But if you are not but you want me to you build your own million naira empire from scratch so that millions will not be like a pipe dreams to your children and they wont have to go through the financial challenges you went through,

Then I should have all your attention!



Dont listen To Me. Listen To

Patrick Ogidi
Grand Commander Of Mini Importer's In Africa


From my 6+ years experience in the business, I noticed there are two sets of "mini importers" The PREACHERS and the DOERS!

Who would you rather love to learn from?

Efunkoya Johnson is one of the few who walk the talk. Not only he runs one of the most fastest growing online store in Nigeria, he has also trained and produced other 6 figure mini importers. Listen to him.

Paul Akintomiwa


I remembered when he offered to make a list of 10 millionaires before his birthday, I rushed down to his office to see what he has to offer. And for real Efunkoya Johnson recommended some products and some advertising method that blew my mind.

In less than 24 hours, I started getting a minimum 15 orders of 10,000 products. He is for real and hes practices what he preach. Not just that, 3 months the product is still hot cake and gives nothing less than 15 sales a day. I cant recommend him enough.

Ajeigbe Moruf Adewale

When it comes to Importation Business most especially e-commerce.. Efunkoya Johnson is someone I can recommend for anyone... he is a Boss who teach what he does... you can't go wrong by following his foot steps....

Learn from a Boss who practiced what he preached.






I'm 100% Ready To Build Another eCommerce Millionaires Within The Next 60Days




Of course you know am not going to do that for FREE, but it's going to be ALMOST FREE!. If I let every tom, dick and harry, I will not get the kind of result I was able to get with my test group.

And some people will take my time for granted.

At this point, with all you already know about me, running my own ecommerce store, time is something I don’t joke with.

So I want to work with only people..

  • Who will value my time,
  • Who will appreciate my effort,
  • Who will show seriousness about becoming a millionaire,
  • The kind of people who will grab this opportunity with both hands and run with it.
  • And more importantly, people who realise that building million worth business will come at a cost.


Hence I decided to put a price my eCom Business Millionaires Offer for A token to know people who are dead serious about becoming one of the lucky 10 people that my eCom Business Millionaires Offer will turn to millionaires within the next 60days.

But because my main motivation to do is not based on money but the impart I want to make in the lives of this 10 lucky people.

The offers are in 4 - categories according to your





  • Introduction To eCommerce Business
  • How To Set up your eCommerce Office (Online Office)
  • How to get a product at half the price everyone gets it.
  • How to know hot demanding products that you can buy with large profit margin
  • List of 10 HOT's products you can import to start eCommerce biz with
  • Link to this HOTs products
  • How To Get The Products 10x Cheaper than what others get it from Aliexpress and Other Platform
  • How to import them And Get Them Here In Nigeria Within 48-72Hours
  • Show You How To Get A CRAZY VIDEO that will make people beg you to buy your product
  • Give you DIRECT ACCESS To My China Agent
  • Best And Cheaper way to Advertise and sell your products on FACEBOOK
  • Show you how to advertise your products on INSTAGRAM. (Best way to sell your products and make good profits )
  • Access to INSTAGRAM Profiles where you canpromote your products for almost FREE (will aslo give you CAPTION to use)
  • How to increase your delivery rate (This could give you UP TO 90% DELIVERY RATE)

  • Introduce you to a COURIER COMPANY that will deliver your products via Pay On Delivery Nationwide and credit your kesh in no time.
  • How to outsource eCommerce business. You will learn how to identify some products you can buy here In Nigeria for less than N1000 and you can sell for over N10,000 (Only This Can Make You 70-100k Within 7days)

  • How to scale up your business even if you have started eCommerce business Before
  • And Many More


But I will Charge



Only 2 slots Left !






  • Have Access To OFFER 1

  • Import FAST SELLING 10 pieces of a product you can sell for at least N10,000 per piece. Will use my reliable supplier, negotiate the price, pay for the goods, use my logistics company to clear the product at the port and bring them down to Lagos. (This Will Give At Least You N100,000 In Sales)
  • DELIVER the product to your home/address address anywhere in Nigeria
  • I will give you my HOME VIDEO that would give you the 3 steps I followed that made me successful in this business (that will help you to able able to continue the business yourself and make more money) 


But I will Charge



Only 3 slots Left !




  • Have Access To OFFER 1

  • Import FAST SELLING 20 pieces which would be (10pieces each X 2) of a product you can sell for at least N10,000 per piece. Will use my reliable supplier, negotiate the price, pay for the goods, use my logistics company to clear the product at the port and bring them down to Lagos. (This Will Give At Least You N200,000 In Sales)
  • DELIVER the product to your home/address address anywhere in Nigeria
  • Access to my list of additional 10 HOT Products that make me 8x more Profits
  • Access to the DIRECT LINK to this products
  • I will give you my HOME VIDEO that would give you the 3 steps I followed that made me successful in this business (that will teach you how to BUY, GET IT WITHIN 48HOURS and HOW TO SELL them)

  • I will source for 2 Pro videos for you.
  • I will set up your Online eCommerce office for you. That's setup your facbook page and upload the 2Pro Videos on your page



But I will Charge

N99, 997


Only 1 slots Left !





  • Have Access To OFFER 1

  • Import FAST SELLING 50 pieces which would be (10pieces each X 5) of a product you can sell for at least N10,000 per piece. Will use my reliable supplier, negotiate the price, pay for the goods, use my logistics company to clear the product at the port and bring them down to Lagos. (This Will Give At Least You N500,000 In Sales)
  • DELIVER the product to your home/address address anywhere in Nigeria
  • Access to my list of additional 10 HOT Products that make me 8x more Profits
  • I will give you my HOME VIDEO that would give you the 3 steps I followed that made me successful in this business (that will teach you how to BUY, GET IT WITHIN 48HOURS and HOW TO SELL them)

  • I will source for 5 Pro videos for you.
  • I will set up your Online eCommerce office for you. That's setup your facbook page and upload the 2Pro Videos on your page
  • I will Put Up Your Advert Funnel On The Facebook Page 

  • I will Buy A Domain Name For You
  • I will Host The Domain Name For One Year

  • I will create an eCommerce Platform For You 
    (Just like
  • I will upload your product On The eCommerce Platform
  • I will give you a video on how to operate your eCommerce website



But I will Charge

N399, 997


Only 1 slots Left !




Pay the sum of

#19,997 (Offer 1)

or #49,997 (Offer 2)

or #99,997 (Offer 3)

or #499,997 (Offer 4)


Account Name: NairaOnGold Int'L
Account Number: 0029859109
Bank Name : Stanbic IBTC 


Account Name: NairaOnGold Int'L
Account Number: 0051816138
Bank: Diamond Bank


After Payment please send details to putting "I Paid For e-Com Millionaires Offer " as subject

1. Name
2. Phone Number
3. Offer Paid For (Offer1, 2, 3 or 4)
4. Date Of Payment
5. Payment Mode


Once we confirm your payment, you will get a confirmation message from us




If you get the offer between the next 24-72hours, I will give you access to the bonuses listed BELOW




I will give you free access to my Importation By Command Video. The Exaxt Blueprint I Used To Make Over 46M In Sales In 2017.




My eCommerce Profit System BluePrint.The Exaxt Blueprint I Used To Make Over 1.4M In 5Days








Now, You Have a Decision to Make

To secure join the 10 others that I will boost about turning to millionaires using my method before the end of this year

… Or to close this page.

If you join now before I shut the door, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your bank balance and life will change as a result.

If you decide to not join us, it will not be a good choice, but that’s still a choice.

The Choice Is Simple.

But I look forward to you making the right choice.

Click Here To Join Now!

Please note that Complete setup takes 2-3weeks to be completed. Thanks




Sincerely yours,

Efunkoya Johnson
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What's APP Chat is 24/7 07069568404


Lagos Office Address: No 84, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street Surulere Lagos.

Ibadan Office (Head Office):
No 39, Opp Okart Furniture Liberty Road Oke Ado Ibadan.




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Every single income claim and proof we've shown you today are 100% true as stated on the website but the results are not typical, they are my own results from 4 years of being a successful eCommerce Tycon, nothing is average about me and as well, some other proof and claims are the results of students that I personally coached so their results are also not typical. You cannot expect to experience similar results overnight, some days I work as much as 10 hours, and because I don't know how much time you're willing to commit, how experienced you are or your total performance as a human being, I cannot in any way or form guarantee you'll get my kind of results. In eCommerce Do For Me, I did my best to make sure I teach you what is working right now but how you apply it and your experience will be the determining factor on the kind of results you will get, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANYTHING.